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What is Choice?

Being pro-choice means protecting women's access to safe, legal abortion. It also means working on ways to help reduce the need for abortion, like improving access to birth control. And it means supporting women who choose to carry their pregnancies to term.

The right to access legal abortion is a matter of choice and privacy. We defend this right because we believe that women have the intelligence and integrity to make informed decisions.
Improving access to birth control and providing people with medically accurate information is at the forefront of our efforts to prevent unintended pregnancy and reduce the need for abortion.
Sex education is maybe one unit amongst an entire health curriculum that high school students receive in Connecticut. High school is way too late to be teaching sex education and sex education needs to be an ongoing discussion, not a one time unit.
NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut is working to ensure that expectant mothers receive the information they need to bear healthy children.
NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut is committed to eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in our state's reproductive healthcare system. We believe that all women deserve to have access to information regarding reproductive healthcare options and services in our state.
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