It was a weekend of hysterical laughter and tears in our eyes with Lady Parts Justice League in town. We were honored to host this hilarious group of badass feminists for the weekend to support Hartford GYN Center, Connecticut’s last independent abortion clinic. The Lady Parts Justice League visits independent clinics around the country to support them in any way that is needed.

On Saturday night we all gathered at Hanging Hills Brewing Company in Hartford for a night of Dirty Bingo. The brewery was packed as Lady Parts Justice League ran the show– but instead of playing “BINGO” we played “DILDO.” Between the games we had mini-dance parties, photo shoots with Eunice the Uterus, and some serious talks about the amazing abortion and reproductive health care provided at Hartford GYN Center.

Lady Parts Justice League let the crowd know that Hartford GYN Center has recently experienced the move-in of an anti-choice crisis pregnancy center, St. Gerard’s Center for Life, which is now doing business as “Hartford Women’s Center” about ten feet away with the intention of deceiving and intercepting patients as they walk to appointments. To distinguish Hartford GYN Center, the real clinic, from “Hartford Women’s Center,” the fake clinic, Lady Parts Justice League used the funds raised in Dirty Bingo to paint a yellow brick road to unbiased, non-judgmental reproductive health care.

Every day, the providers at Hartford GYN Center experience extremist sidewalk protestors and the presence of a crisis pregnancy center all while providing high-quality, compassionate reproductive healthcare. On a day-to-day basis we all do hard emotional work. Being with the Lady Parts Justice League for the weekend reminded us all that we can hold each other through the harder times, and that we can challenge hate with love, laughter, and a yellow brick road.

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