Right now, women in Hartford are being misled and deceived when they are seeking their reproductive health care at Hartford GYN Center. Hartford GYN Center is Connecticut’s last independent state-licensed family planning clinic that has been offering compassionate abortion care and comprehensive reproductive health care in the Hartford community for 36 years. Independent clinics like Hartford GYN Center provide care to people who now and historically have faced the most barriers to healthcare– including immigrant communities, LGBTQ+ patients, and patients who are struggling to make ends meet. Patients choose Hartford GYN Center because they know that licensed medical providers will put them first with dignity, compassion, and respect.

Around the country, and right here in Connecticut, anti-choice extremists are attempting to force independent clinics like Hartford GYN Center to close at an alarming rate. In May 2017, an anti-abortion organization, St. Gerard’s Center for Life, moved into the building two arm lengths away from Hartford GYN Center. Upon moving, St. Gerard’s has renamed as “Hartford Women’s Center” with the intent to confuse and deceive patients who are seeking legitimate medical care. “Hartford Women’s Center” is one of almost 30 crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) in Connecticut. CPCs endanger health by using deceptive advertising and practices to present themselves as comprehensive reproductive health clinics to lure unsuspecting people inside. Once inside, people are often given false medical information, subjected to pressure and shameful rhetoric about their decisions, and blocked from accessing legitimate medical care.

In Hartford, we see these deceptive practices occurring nearly every day. A few weeks ago, a patient was offered $50 and a free ultrasound just outside the clinic. A week before that, a patient and her mother were deceived and told their counseling appointment was in “Hartford Women’s Center.” Once inside, an anti-choice volunteer told this young woman she may not make it out alive if she chose a surgical abortion and that there was no abortion clinic nearby. These deceptive and manipulative tactics are all at the core of the mission of crisis pregnancy centers such as “Hartford Women’s Center:” to convince people to carry their pregnancies to term, no matter what.

The deceptive practices of “Hartford Women’s Center” are a disruption in the Hartford community and a danger to time sensitive reproductive health care. CPCs such as Hartford Women’s Center, in conjunction with large numbers of anti-choice sidewalk protestors are the ground-level presence of the anti-choice movement.

At NARAL Pro-Chocie Connecticut, we believe that any person seeking reproductive health care should be able to do so without confusion, deception, or shame, and that it is every person’s decision to decide if, how, and when to have a family. To get involved with us and the REAL CLINIC Hartford GYN join us at Expose Fake Clinics: 12th & Delaware Screening & Discussion Can’t make it? Sign-up for our updates here: http://bit.ly/1LaEK44

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