January 22, 2018 – Two days after the 2018 Women’s March saw 10,000 people gather in Hartford, a group of pro-choice legislators is marking the 45th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade with a press conference to discuss policies aimed at improving reproductive rights in the upcoming legislative session.

At the march on Saturday, we felt the incredible grassroots energy around reproductive rights, and on today’s Roe anniversary, this energy is echoed by the actions of this group of legislative champions. At this time of unprecedented attacks on our reproductive freedoms in DC, having pro-choice politicians who are willing to stand up for reproductive rights and access to healthcare is vital to the people of Connecticut.

Connecticut has made huge gains in reproductive health but significant healthcare disparities remain. Today, we are drawing attention to these disparities and the policies proposed are important steps in the direction of improved healthcare access and outcomes for people across our state.

Among the legislative priorities highlighted is the issue of crisis pregnancy centers, and the threat these anti-choice organizations pose to healthcare access. “I am particularly heartened that following on the success of the ordinance in Hartford addressing the deceptive practices of crisis pregnancy centers, members of the State Legislature are taking this issue seriously.” said Sarah Croucher, NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut’s Executive Director, “It is vital that when individuals in our state are seeking healthcare, they are able to access it without risk of deception by anti-choice forces.”

There is no room for compromise on healthcare access and reproductive freedom here in our state. In this time of increased attacks on human rights at the federal level, it is even more important for state and local politicians to take a stand and speak out in support of these rights. NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut is proud to stand with legislators who are willing to take action on these issues.

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About NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut, Inc.  
The legislative arm of NARAL works to pass pro-choice legislation and defend against anti-choice legislation at the State Capitol, believing strongly that all women have the right to access the full range of reproductive choices including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing legal abortion.

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