January 30, 2018 – After Donald Trump delivered the annual State of the Union address, NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut Executive Director Sarah Croucher issued the following statement:

“The day after another failed vote on an unconstitutional abortion ban, Donald Trump’s State of the Union comes at a time when the anti-choice GOP is obsessed with attacking our reproductive rights like never before. Trump and the Republican Party he leads are working overtime to ban abortion and chip away at the reproductive rights of Connecticut women.  

“Donald Trump and the anti-choice GOP could not be more out-of-step with the challenges Connecticut families confront every day. There is nothing ‘pro-life’ about attacking the healthcare of thousands of Connecticut women and families, and rolling back our reproductive rights at every turn. Seven in 10 Americans support legal and accessible abortion, including the majority of Connecticut residents that stand on the side of reproductive freedom. NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut members are ready to fight back, and as the midterms approach we’ll keep mobilizing and organizing to elect pro-choice champions to fight for us and our shared values.”

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About NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut, Inc.  
The legislative arm of NARAL works to pass pro-choice legislation and defend against anti-choice legislation at the State Capitol, believing strongly that all women have the right to access the full range of reproductive choices including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing legal abortion.

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