Support for Roe v. Wade is the highest it has been in decades, and Connecticut voters made it resoundingly clear that reproductive freedom is a political winner. Nutmeggers turned out to vote in record-breaking numbers, electing candidates across the state who put evidence before political gain and will fight to protect and expand access to essential reproductive healthcare. 

NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut congratulates endorsed champions for reproductive freedom who won races in the 2020 Election!

State Senate

District 4 Stephen Cassano*

District 9 Matthew Lesser*

District 12 Christine Cohen*

District 13 Mary Daughtery-Abrams*

District 14 James Maroney*

District 19 Catherine Osten*

District 24 Julie Kushner*

District 25 Bob Duff*

District 26 William Haskell*

District 29 Mae Flexer*

District 33 Norm Needleman*

District 36 Alex Kasser*

State House of Representatives

District 1 Matthew Ritter*

District 2 Raghib Allie-Brennan*

District 11 Aimee Berger-Girvalo

District 12 Geoffrey Luxenberg*

District 13 Jason Doucette*

District 17 Eleni Kavros DeGraw

District 18 Jillian Gilchrest*

District 19 Tammy Exum*

District 20 Kate Farrar*

District 21 Michael Demicco*

District 27 Gary Turco*

District 28 Amy Morrin Bello

District 33 Brandon Chafee

District 36 Christine Palm*

District 40 Christine Conley*

District 48 Brian Smith*

District 54 Gregory Haddad*

District 60 Jane Garibay*

District 64 Maria Horn*

District 82 Michael Quinn

District 88 Josh Elliott*

District 100 Quentin Phipps*

District 101 John-Michael Parker

District 102 Robin Comey*

District 103 Liz Linehan*

District 110 Bob Godfrey*

District 132 Jennifer Leeper

District 133 Cristin McCarthy Vahey*

District 135 Anne Hughes*

District 136 Jonathan Steinberg*

District 138 Kenneth Gucker

District 142 Lucy Dathan*

District 143 Stephanie Thomas

District 147 Matthew Blumenthal*

District 150 Stephen Meskers*


Note: * Indicates incumbent

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