Welcome to NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut’s Repro Rundown, our biweekly digital newsletter that provides you with critical updates about the fight for reproductive freedom. These past few weeks have been busy, and we are excited to update you on our work and provide numerous opportunities for you to get involved!

Action Taken Towards Combating Anti-Choice Deceptive Advertising Practices!

BIG NEWS: S.B. 835 An Act Concerncing Deceptive Advertsing Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers, passed the Senate on Wednesday, May 5th! As State Director Liz Gustafson mentioned in her press release, “Any delay in receiving this care is a threat to public health, and in this moment the impact of disinformation and misdirection is even more detrimental to those who are interrupted in their search for medical care. This legislation is about honesty, transparency, and the dignity of those who need access to care. It is about fostering safe and healthy communities, free of stigma and unnecessary barriers perpetuated by deceptive tactics.” Thank you to Senator Mary Abrams for her continued leadership and commitment to protecting & expanding reproductive freedom, and to all of our members and cross-movement allies for getting us to this critical point. On to the House of Representatives! 

Read more in this article published by the Hartford Courant.

Additional legislative updates: 

NARAL Pro-Choice America Outlines Biden’s 100 Days in Office

Earlier last week, NARAL Pro- Choice America released a memo depicting the ways in which the Biden Administration has promoted reproductive freedom throughout their first 100 days in office, as well as the obstacles that still need to be overcome. To obtain a more general understanding of the actions being taken on the federal level of government, check out the memo on NARAL Pro-Choice America’s website.

More Ways to Take Action (Act, Learn, Donate):

Act: Contact your State Representative & ask them to support S.B. 835, because any delay in accessing time sensitive healthcare is a threat to public health. It is time to #EndTheLies!

Learn: Check out this article that shares more on the history & current national strategy of CPCs as the new frontline for the anti-abortion movement. 

Donate: To #IAmNotAVirus, an artist led initiative founded in March of 2020 to address the attacks against Asian Americans due to COVID related racism through education, storytelling, and art.

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